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Bushfire protection Batemans Bay south coast NSW
Our beautiful Australian landscape has                                         many different facets
and the native bush, along with all it’s natural beauty, can create a bush fire                                                                                            threat to our homes and lives

Prepare yourself for the bushfire season. Install the bush fire protection system we have designed

It is imperative that you and your family prepare a bush fire survival plan to help you and your property survive through this danger period. It's essential to get your plan right and it is never to early to get prepared for the bushfire season. So watch this informative presentation on tips to get bushfire ready.

The NSW RFS website is a great place to start. You can download your free bush fire survival plan by clicking on the following link:

Keeping in mind the Fire Danger Ratings, especially on Severe, Extreme and Catastrophic days, your decision of whether to leave early, or stay and defend, you will still need to prepare your property against the threat of a bush fire or ember attack.


Click on the Fire Danger Rating Scale to find out the fire danger rating for your area:


protect your home from bush fire batemans bay NSW
Bush fire protection Batemans Bay south coast nsw

Tips to prepare your property:


  • Even if you decide to leave early, the better prepared, the better the chances.

  • Remove and store any flammable items away from the dwelling

  • Make sure the pressure relief valves on any LPG cylinders face outwards or turn them off!

  • Store wood piles well away from the house and keep them covered

  • Clean leaves from the roof gutters , downpipes and fit metal leaf guards and cut back any over sized trees, or shrubs

  • Set up (and test if time permits), your Aqua Protection Sprinker system kit


There are many more tips to help you prepare to protect your home from bush fire on the RFS web site.


In addition to the above, the Aqua Protection sprinkler perimeter system can ensure that you have taken every measure to assist in the protection of your property. A well prepared home has a greater chance of survival than a home ill prepared.

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